Little Bullies Teensy Cat

 Ok, so my human mom
decided to call me "TEENSY CAT!" Well, there's a perfectly good 
explanation for that. I am Teensy. I'm only 14 lbs. of muscle! And I do 
act a lot like a cat! I purr, I rub against your leg so you'll pick 
me up, and when I get mad, my growl sounds a little like a hiss!
other than that, I'm pretty much perfect! I want to be on your lap or laying across your feet 24/7. 
I am a quick study and love car rides! Even to the vet! I'll take it! 
Im about as compact as they come and Its OFFICIAL! I'm having kittens in mid November. 
my main squeeze is Little Sebastien Dior, better known as Little D! All 16 lbs of him. We are going to make the Litter of the 
decade! No joke. Please stay tuned!