Little Bullies Golden Hat Stella

 Stella, Stella, Stella!!!
Stella was my very first Foray into the world of French Bulldogs.  She taught me soooo much about their lifestyle, personality and that they were "BULLDOGS"!  Stella has a so very gentle soul with a protective streak a mile wide!  She is bright, a quick study and can pee-pee and poop on command!!! (Now tell me your dog can do that).
We had agonized and agonized over who to breed this tri-pied female to when she came into second heat and finally, with much trepidation, decided to use our own Red HoJo, Not knowing what we would end up with, these two produced the most awesome mahogany tri-pied males you have ever seen (see Little Bullies' Big and Little Bullies' Moe-Joe).  These guys are a one in a million.  We dare you, no double dare you to find another mahogany tri-pied with the color and markings of these boys!  And then there was "SABINE"  When she popped out (yes, I do assist with the deliveries, once I got over feeling like I was gonna pass out any minute!) I was speechless!!  My gosh, what color is that girl?  What do you call her? What do you make of all those black points all over her?
Well, our Sabine was a sable with black points on ears, tail, eyebrows, muzzle and toes!!  She is the most beautiful cocoa/red you could imagine and how the heck she came out of these two critters is still a mystery, but I'm more than happy that she's our sable baby.  Please go to our "availabullies" and look for Little Bullies' Sabine.  You will be as impressed as we were about this tiny little girl.
Miss Stella, Stella, Stella and HoJo did a fantastic job with their prodgeny and we will look forward to future litters with these two bullies!(If it aien't broke, don't fix it!).  Thank you Stella and HoJo  for our most beautiful litter yet!  Love you.