Little Angus  is a CharlottesvilleVa kid that resides on an 1100
acre Angus farming the country! He's Schyler's pride and joy, and I must say his trips into Charlottesville have reaped 
tons of rewards for me with new clients that have met him and say he's the most Perfect Frenchie they've ever seen!
i don't think he's herding cattle yet but he certainly keeps his mom
and grandmom in line! Here's Schyler's comments:

Sandy is a Salem Va client and she adored these kids as a duo!  I constantly have questions from
my clients about a second member to their Frenchie family or buying siblings, two pups at the same time and raising them together, etc. I steer them to my clients who've had the experience!! It seems to me that Experience
is the best ruler to determine if a second or third, or even fourth Frenchie in your life
is going to fit! However, I am also very sensitive to the personalities of each bully.
They are all so different so it's also a balancing act and I will caution Not to try this with a new Frenchie
until you talk to a breeder about alpha vs submissive personalities. A responsible breeder will
not want to home a puppy with you that's a poor fit with your current family dynamics!
heres what Sandy had to say about her two Bully Babies: 

 Sherri is from the Richmond Va area. She currently has three of my Little Bullies
and considering a fourth! Here's her comments about Little Bullies!