BullyHillBully's HOJO

 This is our little man "HOJO". He is the image of his dad, Gunner.  He is 17.5 lbs. of
lover boy. He doesn't know a stranger.  His color is deep red with a black mask and as you can see, his head is really 
bigger than his body!  We actually say he looks like a "bobble doll" when he's running around the farm, chasing his "Frenchy"
girls!  We are very excited about his litter with Scarlett.  What a shocker!!  Wow, a home run for the kids.  These babies are amazing.  They are like little bricks on wheels, cobbie and stout, with no nose at all!  They have it all.
Stay tuned to see what HoJo is up to in the coming months.,