Little Bullies Lenny Kravitz

 Lenny Kravitz! 
man, can he sing or what? 
well, so can this little guy. Since the day he was born Lenny has been telling me
all about his life and his plans for the future.   He's very proud of himself but still humble around his bro's and he
loves his momma!
Hes done a fantastic job with paper training and he's a "neat freak!" He likes his bowl of food to stay tidy. No spilling around the edges for Lenny!   Every now and again Lenny gets ahead of himself and I have to tell him "The complaint department is closed for today, Lenny!" Amd he goes over and lays down on his cat bed til tomorrow at 
10:00 am when we reopen for comment!!!
you got to see him to believe him!!
Lenny is priced at $5000.