Uggum Boogum

yes, you heard me right!   Uggum is one of the happiest little guys I've ever met. He has so much personality it just
pops out of him as soon as he meets you. He has cuddled with me but he also makes sure he's the "clown" of the litter
and never takes himself serious. He actually doesn't take me serious either and when I tell him it's time to back to his
bedroom, he blows me off just like I'm invisible! But if I raise my voice a little, you'd think I broke his heart. 
you see, Uggum BUGGUM is a lilac so he was born knowing he was special. He's entitled!!
He's always got a groupie following
anytime he's playing or exercising and he plays it up for all it's worth!!!
i think he's gonna be the apple of someone's eye! So we'll just have to wait and see!
Uggum is priced at $6500