Little bullies Angus

 About 12 years ago we started Little Bullies. Had no idea what we were doing but did have a dream to create the healthiest, most compact, beautiful Frenchies in the South. So we bought the best male out there. His name was Cooper! He was plumb amazing. His pictures are under Passé enfants. Unfortunately we never were able to get a son to take his place. Now, 10 years later, I've created another Cooper!!! His name is Angus and he's square like a box. Right now he's only a year old but he's already shaping up to be something super nice. He's soooo short backed and he has a monster head that just gets better. He carries every color under the sun and he's the sweetest boy you've ever seen. He's gonna make some fabulous babies so stay tuned for summer 2020!!