We got the news Tuesday!!! We have 6/7 Lila and Angus babies coming the first week in May!!! Well what a surprise when it turned out to be "9" on May Day ! 
The dad is Angus! 17 lbs of all male. Big headed, sweet tempered and built like a fire plug. If you like, look up his parents
Armani and Annie under Passé Enfants (Past Babies!) his dad Armani, is 20 lbs while his mom Annie is 19 lbs. 
then there's Lila, our solid lilac girl! She's got an impressive pedigree beginning with her dad Sponge Bobby whole my lilac pied 20 lb Apple of my eye, and mom is Gracie Mae, my blue cream girl whose 20 lbs as well. Going back further, Bobs dad is the Notorious ZACCEUS, who only weighs 18 lbs and is such a love bug. Bobs mom is Adrienne Noir, my beautiful solid black girl that's 20 lbs! And we have all three generations for you to meet and look at for overall health, personality, coat and size!! We know you'll be impressed. 
so we're are taking deposits on the Lila/Angus kids now and hope you'll call or write with any questions!