Fall/Winter babies

 Ok, folks, here are my unknow kids! These are the newbys and you never know when the
newbies will decide to come in season! So all
bets are off on these kids. They make up the party girls and "Tweenies" of Little Bullies. 
two of our girls will be retiring this summer so these kids will take up some of the slack
and hopefully become as wonderful mothers as their moms were! I take a lot of pride in
keeping a girl from the retired mothers last litter and at this point we can introduce you to four and
even five generations of the Little Bullies Family thst still reside here on the farm for you to meet when visiting. Seldom do we add outside kids to our program but we don't Inbreed,  so a new boy or girl will come along that has that "special something" aNd I decide they need to become part of the Little Bullies family. We've been very lucky in choosing only three
Other breeders that we feel share our philosophy for healthy, sweet, perfect little people. It's what sets us apart 
as a unique French Bulldog program and I wouldn't have it any other way! And all our kids are MADE IN AMERICA!
Here's to 13 years of perfect babies and happy families!