FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE ASK TO PLACE DEPOSITS ON PUPPIES, we are reopening our depositor list. 
As many of you know, we had a spring and summer waiting list that was rather large. However, many of the families that waited have or will soon have their babies and now our fall/winter litters are confirmed.  So we can accept new deposits to reserve your puppy at this time. I have listed the upcoming litters and the moms and dads that went to the prom and danced the dance!!
As far as colors, we should have a  rainbow of colors from black, fawn, Red, and sable, to Blue and chocolate pieds, solid Blues,solid Chocolates and lilacs, with a couple Merles and some pointed pups to boot☺️
please give us a call with any questions and thanks for your patience while we confirmed our puppies would be on the way!