Little Bullies Blazey Mae

 Blazey Mae lends whole new meaning to "Daddy's Baby!"
Dick thinks the sun rises amd sets in Blazey and she agrees!!!
She is spoilt rotten and at 15 lbs is the darling of everyone who meets her. 
she's a Sponge Bob baby so you can imagine the square body and huge head of the Sponge Bob clan. 
But she's also the daughter of Coco Loco, whose Firefield through and through. 
Her grandfather is the handsome Firefield Calin Dibbs, so with such a distinguished 
line of kinfolk, you can only imagine the square, short Muscular, big headed feminine version
of a Firefield and Sponge Bobby progeny!!!
She is due to head to the prom this spring with Angus, son of Armani in Dress Blues, so exciting times 
are ahead for the Woodard family!