Little Bullies Wombat

 Ok, so some of you will be bothered by the name Wombat!!
But let me explain please. Wombat is probably one of the shortest, most compact, big headed girls 
I've had in a very long time. Here's Webster's definition of a "Wombat". 

Wombats are short-legged, muscular quadrupedal marsupials that are native to Australia. They are about 1 m (40 in) in length with small, stubby tails
sooo, it just fits(not the part about Australia!) but the rest is spot on!!
Wom's cute and cuddly and short and stubby and all the things a Frenchie should be in order to be the "perfect" Frenchie!

You definitely need to come meet this child ! She's priced at $3500.