Little Bullies' Midnight Bijou

 Bijou was our first Black blue carrier girl and she just gave us the most awesome litter out of she and Gab's union.
BB is 15 lbs. of  black muscle.  She likes everybody, but she Loves her mom.  My husband says she'd probably hurt anyone who
tried to break in or harm us, without even thinking!  Don't get me wrong, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body, 
but she is definitely the Loyal, protective French Bulldog that you read so much about.
The funny thing is, she is the daintiest  little thing you ever laid eyes on.  From her perfect little petite Bulldog head to her slim trim body, she is the epitomy of the frenchy girl!
BB is all black with a white tuxedo chest.  She has been the best mom I have ever seen, and with BB you don't have to worry about checking on the babies, she takes care of it.
She is diligent about her job as mom and role model for the babies.  She even helped me with the paper training for the babies first weeks learning how "NOT" to go to the bathroom on their blankets, just on the paper!  She did an outstanding job, too!
Good Girl, Miss BB.
(Note:  Miss BB King passed away on February 23rd, 2013 from complications with pregnancy and pneumonia.  We miss her more than we can put into words.  She WAS Little Bullies.    This is her Eulogy:

This morning I lost my best friend and her three unborn babies. BB King was my "fashionista" of Little Bullies LLC. She was the reason behind our company's name and she was the ruler in which we measured other bullies by as we built our bulldog b