Little Bullies Mini Cooper

 Oh Mini Cooper! Our first stud boy at Little Bullies!
Coop's a blue fawn gentleman with a heart of gold.  He is so laid back that sometimes we have to check his pulse....LOL
But when there's a frenchie girl around, "Watch Out!"  He comes alive and Coop hasn't met a frenchie girl he doesn't like.
Coop weighs a whopping 23 lbs. and when God made him, he forgot his neck.  Coop's head is all bully and goes straight to his shoulders.  He is cobbie, and moves like a brick on wheels(No, make that CINDER BLOCK ON WHEELS).
 He's all and more that we ever wanted in our first stud and he'll have his "forever" home here at Eagle Springs Farm.  He sired two beautiful puppies with Little Miss Mullen last year and we are planning a "date night" with Miss Nonnie, our 15 lb.  "Mack Truck".  Stay tuned on that one.  Ought'a be amazing!