Care and Feeding of your New Puppy!
Diet:  You want to make sure your puppy has dry food and water available at all times, including water through the night for the first few weeks.  You want to feed your puppy 1 cup dry food in morning, wait 1 hr. then take up.  Fill to 1 cup and replace in afternoon.  Take up around 7 p.m. At this stage your new puppy can’t go all night without water.  Also make available paper, litter box or potty pad so the puppy can relieve itself during the night.  Always monitor how much the puppy is eating drinking to make sure they are getting adequate amounts of each.

Hypoglycemia:  Many things cause hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.  Stress, improper diet, missed meal or using up too much energy during play. Peanut butter, ½ teaspoon with a little on your finger at a time will help and also honey, several small amounts on your finger.

Treats:  I don’t recommend treats until 1 year and NO table scraps, always dry food.   Nylabones, deer antlers, and cow hooves are great.  Absolutely NO Rawhide!  EVER!

Naps:  Restrict your puppy’s activity at this young age.  They have to have breaks.  Confine your puppy to it’s CAVE after 30-45 minutes.  And After several months you will be able to leave the door of his cave open where he can get to water and take naps when necessary.

Heat and Cold:  One of the largest fatality rates in French Bulldogs is because of HEAT!  They should never be left out in heat over 75 degrees. In summer months, they should have 10 minutes in morning to bathroom and romp, then again in the late evening 10-15 minutes.  Frenchies do not require lots of exercise and they truly don’t want it, rather more time spent with family on the sofa is the frenchies’ desire.  In winter, again, 10 minutes in AM and 10 minutes PM in weather under 50 degrees.

This is a house pet and should be treated as one at all times.  If you are cold, they probably are too. If you’re hot and they are starting to pant, BRING them inside! Immediately!  IF outside walking and away from home, pick them up and get water or ice as soon as you can.  Frenchies sweat glands are in their foot pads, so applying ice or cold packs to the feet will assist in bringing temp down, Also cold packs on stomach in extreme situations.