Lindsay has a long history with Little Bullies! Her first Bullie was Willow, an amazing Blue cream girl out of the Zacceus line. Such a laid back, rediculously sweet little girl! Then 5 years later Lindsay decided Willow needed some excitement in her life!
Now first of all, be careful what you wish for!   when Lindsay called me, I just knew the perfect child for Willow and Miss Lindsay!
yes, it was The Chili Bean!!!
Well of course Chili's out of the Zak line as well with Sponge Bob being her daddy, but she's definitely a Mexican jumping bean and everything and more that Willow (and Lindsay) needed to make their lives complete! They're a wonderful family unit and never a dull moment. These are the moments I live for! When a plan comes together!

Hojo (Howie Mandell) was my first and most awesome Red Frenchie male! We were so torn about whether to keep him or find the perfect family! 
Then Shen  and her husband came along in 2015 and wanted him to be a New York City Frenchie and so it began! Howie has his own groupies that follow him around Central Park and give him bones and treats! He’s “The Man!”
then earlier this year their older Frenchie girl passed on and Hojo (Howie Mandell) was alone. That’s when I got a call and was asked if I might have the perfect girl for Howie. It’s anazing how things work out. Honey Rose(aka-Honey No Buns) was being retired and this was, to me, a match made in heaven. Shen trusted me and Honey joined the family in Early November. Since that time Howie and honey have become an item! Here’s what Shen has to say:

 “Honey Rose(5 yrs old)is a little fireball compared to lazy Howie(8 yrs old) . They play sometimes. I think it is nice for him to have a little canine buddy. They always sleep next to each other. I want to get them the Casper memory foam bed for Christmas. 
Honey does well with the toddler too. She just follows me everywhere. She is so tiny!!!
Honey is 16 lbs and Howie 18 lbs so what a pair!!!

Isabel had her last of three litters in fall of 2018.
The Bensons wanted an adult that would be a good therapy dog as well as companion
grand daughter BFF and all round buddy!  Knowing Izzy, this felt like the perfect
fit for Rick and his family. They were great about being patient while Izzy learned to understand her role within 
the family. When they were unsure about how to train her or help her adjust to her new life, they called or texted 
me to assist them. Today, after just two months, I received this statement from the Bensons:

“Barbara was so knowledgeable and patient with us and our first Frenchie adoption. Our mama Frenchie ( Izzy ) is absolutely perfect. So loving, loyal and patient. I can not recommend Little Bullies enough !”

i love it when a plam plan comes together and my girls have a wonderful “forever home”! 
Thank you folks!!!

Little Angus  is a CharlottesvilleVa kid that resides on an 1100
acre Angus farming the country! He's Schyler's pride and joy, and I must say his trips into Charlottesville have reaped 
tons of rewards for me with new clients that have met him and say he's the most Perfect Frenchie they've ever seen!
i don't think he's herding cattle yet but he certainly keeps his mom
and grandmom in line! Here's Schyler's comments:

Sandy is a Salem Va client and she adored these kids as a duo!  I constantly have questions from
my clients about a second member to their Frenchie family or buying siblings, two pups at the same time and raising them together, etc. I steer them to my clients who've had the experience!! It seems to me that Experience
is the best ruler to determine if a second or third, or even fourth Frenchie in your life
is going to fit! However, I am also very sensitive to the personalities of each bully.
They are all so different so it's also a balancing act and I will caution Not to try this with a new Frenchie
until you talk to a breeder about alpha vs submissive personalities. A responsible breeder will
not want to home a puppy with you that's a poor fit with your current family dynamics!
heres what Sandy had to say about her two Bully Babies: 

 Sherri is from the Richmond Va area. She currently has three of my Little Bullies
and considering a fourth! Here's her comments about Little Bullies!