Little Bullies, LLC is pleased that you chose to visit our website. We are a small hobby breeder located near Roanoke, VA.  Our farm is located on a 300 acres with 5 acres of woods and open yard for the babies to exercise and socialize!  Our choices for our family of frenchies surrounds great personalities in very small packages!  Our females range from 14 to 21 lbs and our males are 17 to 25 lbs. which is very small and compact for the breed standard.
We feel we can only do one thing really well, and that is to raise healthy, happy frenchies that we are proud to present to you for sale.  We ONLY breed the French Bulldog, specializing in rare colors such as Blue, Chocolate, and Mahogany.  All of our pups are raised in our home (in their neo-natal intensive care unit, which is really our guest room turned pup haven) and under foot and really give our pet pugs a run for their money! 

We pride ourselves on having mom and dad present for potential buyers to see and spend time with so they can see their super personalities.  Customers feel comfortable that the puppy they buy will not only have wonderful conformaton, but a sweet, loving nature, just like their dad and mom.  We have been very careful to hand select all of our parent Frenchies who live inside with us, and get along with each other, which is no mean feat for a bulldog!!!
We are AKC licensed and all of our puppies are AKC Registered.  Our puppies are started in house training, crate training and leash training prior to their introduction to the new family.  Every pup we deliver comes with a health certificate, health guarantee, puppy basket and unlimited assistance with your puppy. Should you have concerns or just need to decide which option is best for your particular puppy, whether it's buying a crate, or where the new baby will sleep at night, we'll be happy to discuss options with you.  We also are happy to help you locate a vet for your new addition that understands and works with the French Bulldog.  It is imperative that you select a vet that understands the "smushy nosed" breeds and some vets just don't see many frenchies to clearly assess them for certain emergencies!
We are always available to answer your questions, discuss possible purchase options and just talk about our awesome babies and their parents!  Please email or call us anytime.  And, as usual, we welcome visits to our home at the farm to meet our crew of frog-dogs and our specialty, "pocket frenchies!"

Email us at and feel free to call Barbara @ (804)598-9511(cell)