Little Bullies Persimmon

This is Persimmon! All 14 lbs of her. She’s a blue pied splitface and a cuter mug you’ll never see!
Her nickname is Percy and she just had a litter of five gorgeous babies.
This was her first and last litter. Her uterus is too risky to try  to breed her again so we will
be finding the “perfect” family for her. She’s very laid back but can also do the ball fetch thing when she’s 
in the mood to impress you. She is most definitely a cuddler and loves loves loves her humans. 
We are currently accepting a deposit to hold her. Percy will be able to go home in about 6 weeks! 
Shes only 18 months so she’s pretty young so a lot of playtime and love to give! 
She is priced at $2000.