Little Bullies Samuel

 Ok, for those of you who always bug me for "tiny" and "mini" and "pocket frenchies" etc, this is the pup for you!
All frenchies are standard! Period! There's no miniature or teacup. Just standard. However, there are very small standards. Short legs, short body, big heads! Samuel is a very very small "standard frenchie"! 
Sam just had his 6 week exam and shots and he weighs less than 2 lbs!!
seriously, Sam is a super short little man and he's going to be a tiny adult. I'd guess 16 to 18 lbs. 
And he's got the most awesome personality too! He's a red sable and will be ready to go around 9 or 10 weeks. I will be keeping him a little longer only because he's so small. (And I'm having a blast playing with the little scutter!) it's like having my own matchbox toy!! Lol
Sammy is priced at $3500 amd will be ready before Christmas! Merry Christmas Somebody!!!🤶🏻