I'm Angus and I'm named after my great grand dad who was the Little Bullies Stud Muffin back a few years ago!  But he's retired now and here I am!
im a sable with a black mask and I have the diamond points over my eyes just like great grand dad had!
my heads huge amd my body is short. But I have a very strong foundation cause my feet are huge too!  My Mom is Fanny amd my dad is Geronimo so that's where all the big head and little body stuff comes from. With dad and mom having big heads I really didn't have a lot of choice in the matteršŸ˜±
Anyway, I've had all my shots and house training is going great! It's spring and I like going outside a lot! lol
actually, now that I think about it, my owner will probably Lose Weight chasing after me. I'm sooo much better for her than chocolates!!!!!
im priced at $3000.