Little Bullies' Betty-Betty

 Betty-Betty was a Kansas baby turned Virginian at 6 months of age.  She is precocious and knows that she is her daddy's favorite!!  She goes everywhere with Dick and at 14 lbs., she's quite the little lite weight!  I call Betty her dad's "arm Candy!"
Her personality shows the true loyalty of the French Bulldog.  But there isn't a baby, child or another dog that Betty-Betty doesn't want to be friends with.  And she, like Paris Hilton, loves all the other frenchies and they are the same with her.
Why, do you ask, is her name repeated?  Well, her dad decided she was so little that we needed to lengthen her name to give her a "status" boost.  Hence, Betty-Betty was  born and is now a permanent fixture at Little Bullies.
We can't wait to see the pups she and Howie Mandell (Ho-Jo) will produce in the spring of 2013.  Stand by!!