Little Bullies' Scarlott O'Hara

 Miss Scarlotte O'Hara was chosen by human mom to have  some very tiny, very sweet little mahogany kids! She is  so easy going and Scarlett has been more than we ever dreamed she would be as a home grown product of Firefields Calin  Dibbs and Armani!
Scarlette is such a very gentle soul and always wanting to please everybody.  She is not Alpha and doesn't want to be!  She just wants to be one of the gang.  She is very short and cobbie like her mom, it's a hoot to see that they almost look like mirror images!  (That’s the Firefield line plus Zacceus as grand daddy ). We are expecting her  litter spring 2020 and hope for 4 little muffins in the oven ! Stay tuned🤪We'll keep you posted!